Monday, February 9, 2015

Your Next 26 Inches


A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine wanted to hike a Colorado 14er @ Pike's Peak.  This was a birthday trek with a pack of friends. We started off the journey with laughter and conversation.  As the time and journey wore on, the talking lessened and the breathing increased (so did rest stops). 

We began to encourage each other in route with words like:  "go slow", "you're doing great", "drink some water/eat", "rest when you need it", "take 30 steps/rest 30", "one step at a time!"

One step at a time! The next single step kept the journey going!  Every step got us about 26 inches* closer to our goal of  14,110 ft.

You may not be climbing a 14er, yet it is likely you desire to make a destination in your life journey-either big or small.  Your next step keeps the journey going and you close in on your destination.
  • A spiritual journey
  • A physical goal
  • A work goal
  • A family goal
  • Seeking Life Balance
  • Seeking Purpose and Fulfillment
  • Making a life transition
  • Cleaning out your files
  • Organizing the house
  • Starting/Finishing a Project
Everyone in our 14er climb had control over their next step of 26 inches (maybe sometimes it was only a 6 inch step).  So, you and I are able to take the next step closer to the destination we desire. 

Reflect On-
  • goal you started and want to complete?
  • project to start or finish?
  • a transition time to work through?
  • personal growth desire?
  • a project or goal you want to discontinue?
  • What's your desired destination/growth/opportunity?
  • How will you benefit from the journey and accomplishment?
  • Set 2-3 doable steps (only 26inches!)
  • Make the actions SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant , time-based)**

*The average step length is 26 inches, give or take a few inches.
**Sample SMART ACTION:  I will read the book Daring Greatly (specific/relevant/measurable) by March 15th (relevant/time-based).

P.S. I'm glad to tell you we all safely made it to the top of Pike's Peak.  Eleven hours after our start we completed the trek down to the parking lot.  Sometimes we need to stop or turn around when pursuing a destination....the idea is I/you/we take the next step!

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